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My Vision

I want to see community interest companies as the model of choice for social enterprise. I want to see these businesses thrive and make a living for the people who work in them. I want them to act as ambassadors for the movement and operate with sound corporate governance. I want the public to understand them, banks to support them and funders to fund them. I want them to change the way we think about social change and making a profit and I want it now.

Phil Horrell, founder & Director of PH CONSULTANCY



Working directly with other partners such as the CIC Association in the near future will ensure that prospective CICs are offered a bespoke service tailored to their needs which will ensure they make an informed decision and have ongoing support.


CICs need to better understand the value of the annual community interest report which accompanies the annual accounts. On face value it is simply a requirement under CIC legislation but it is far more important than that and CICs need to take full advantage of this.


There is an increasing demand from the sector for workshops and seminars from experts in the field of community interest companies to explain and demystify many of the rumours and myths that surround CICs.

PH Consultancy

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