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Stephen Lloyd – The Father of CICs

At a recent workshop, I opened by asking the audience a direct question: Has the use of artificial legal personalities bred amoral behaviour? To the stunned silence and dropped jaws, I quickly added that that this question was in fact posed by the late Stephen Lloyd...

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Keeping Control Of The CIC

Last week was a week of contrasts yet ultimately similarities. It started off with helping a charity reconcile its intractable differences with its partner CIC and to try to get it to move forward and I finished the week helping to set up a Laughter Club in Great...

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Crazy Hazy Days Of Summer

Ah the end of July fast approaches and thoughts turn to languid days and restful nights as we all embark on our long awaited and well deserved holidays, be it in the UK or further ashore.  If nothing else, it’s a break from the tedium of work and a chance to recharge...

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Trip Down Under

Have you ever said yes to something and then thought later “why did I agree to this?” I went to Australia this spring to visit my daughter who is on a two year sabbatical. You get the picture, never once mown the lawn or taken an interest in the garden, she’s working...

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The Times They Are A Changin’

This is my very first blog ever and I am delighted to be free to actively promote CICs and not be constrained by the chains of officialdom. After 11 years in the CIC Office, which I enjoyed immensely, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience which I am determined...

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